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Welcome to the new SunRotor website!

Solar Power & Pump Company


We've worked hard to provide you with a cleaner, easier to use website.  We are proud to say that you can now visit our website on any device: pc, tablet, or phone.  This new feature will hopefully help those in the field that need to pull up data sheets or installation guides, or for those on the go that need to buy products while away from traditional internet use.  

We have optimized out Contact page, so each category will be delivered to the needed department quicker and without any delay.  With all new sites, there will be a few bugs, so please, take the time to and use the Website Feedback within this section to let us know of any problems you experience or requests you'd like to see.

To our dealer network: there have been a few changes to the way your accounts are set up, and we have made attempts to contact you with this information.  If you did not receive any news or have any contact information changes, please use the contact form or e-mail us directly at info@sunrotor.com.

We will do our best to post here in the blog section on all new features and products.  

We now have alternate methods for shipment, as well as an option for in-store pick-up for those customers nearby.  Please read the shipping pages during the checkout carefully, and fill it out appropriately to eliminate any delays in your shipment.

Lastly, we will be incorporating our site with social media.  You can find the links to our pages at the bottom of your screen.  Please feel free to link, like and share our products with your friends and colleagues.  We would like to incorporate you in our marketing strategy, and will work with you to help everyone's internet presence grow.  

Join us on this journey,

The SunRotor® Team