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Stay Connected With SunRotor Solar Products

Stay Connected With SunRotor Solar Products


We have been diligently working to improve the new SunRotor website daily, and we've added a few features we'd like to tell you about.

First and foremost, we've added social media plugins to the site.  You may click on any of the icons at the footer of the website and be directed straight to our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts.  Additionally, we've added a feature so you may share any of our products, blog posts, and events on your social media sites.

Speaking of events, we now have an Event Calendar. Currently, we have all the trade shows we will be visiting in the upcoming months, as well as attendee registration information, location, and dates.  It's our desire to not only get the word out on all of our SunRotor products, but allow both dealers and new customers alike the opportunity to sit and talk with us about our products and their many applications.  We will also have these events posted on both Facebook and Google+, so you can let us know if you plan on visiting.

Lastly, we have set up two RSS feeds.  The first feed is the SunRotor Blog Feed.  For those of you that get your news by feeds, you can add us to get the latest SunRotor news and product updates.  The second feed is the SunRotor Event Feed, which broadcasts each new event we add to our calendar.

Please like, follow, add us to your circles, or stream our feeds.  We would hate for you to miss out!


The SunRotor® Team