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Aquatec APC-30-250 Top

Aquatec 30V 250W Controller


The Aquatec APC-30-250 is designed specifically to be an interface between a photovoltaic array, and the Aquatec SWP series submersible pumps. It is a solid-state power converter that optimizes and protects the solar well pump. The controller automatically extends pump run time by the use of current boosting, and provides protection from excessive Voltage and Current, as well as dry-running.

  • Max Load Power: 250 Watts
  • Max Load Current: 5 Amps
  • Max Input Open Circuit Voltage: 40V
  • Max Regulated Output Voltage: 30V

Made in the USA

• Weather resistant housing
• Can be powered directly from either a solar panel or battery
• Low water cut-out via switchless sensing
• Over Voltage Protection (manually adjusted)
• Over Current Protection
• Maximum power point tracking (Regulation of array voltage to match pump head)
• Linear Current Boosting to match pump load requirements
• Power output adjustability for pump flow control
• System power switch
• LED status indicators for system power, pump running, low water, and over current
• Grounding terminal block
• Terminal for remote tank switch
• Terminal for optional remote status LED
• Dimensions: 6.55" x 6.13" x 3.75"

SunRotor Submersible Pump Diagram

  1. PV Panel Array
  2. Solar Module Mounting Rack
  3. Water Pipe
  4. Well Seal Assembly
  5. Low Water Sensor
  6. Submersible Pump
  7. Conduit and Wiring Harness from Controller to Well Seal
  8. Wiring Harness from Controller to Solar Modules
  9. DC Input Controller
  10. Tank Full Tethered Float Switch and Weight
  11. Anti-freeze Bleeder Valve
  12. Check Valve

If you need assistance in sizing a solar power system, you can download our solar power pumping system sizing guide, click here to request a quote, or contact us at 1-866-246-7652 and let one of our sales representatives design a custom system to meet your water pumping needs.