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Dealer Application

This form authorizes SunRotor to validate your credit references.  SunRotor reserves the right to cancel Dealer status for (including but not limited to) poor account performance, poor customer service to the end-user, advertising SunRotor Solar Products with materials not approved by SunRotor, selling SunRotor products online without approval, or from exhibiting unsafe installation practices. 

All information provided is subject to confidentiality laws and will be used only for qualification purposes and only by SunRotor Solar Products.  SunRotor reserves the right to approve or deny any dealership applications without providing a reason for our decision. 

Please read through the Dealer Application Instructions before proceeding.

1 Start 2 Company Info 3 Owner/Tax Info 4 Vendor References 5 Bank Reference 6 Review & Submit 7 Complete

Dealer Application Instructions

First, we’d like to thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized SunRotor® Dealer.  We have designed the application process in a manner that, if followed correctly, should be fairly pain-free and quick. 

This process includes three important sections: The Dealer Application, the Bank Reference Authorization Form, and the Dealer Contract.  Each section has key factors that may delay or completely stall Dealer status approval.  If you follow these steps, your application could be approved as quickly as 3-5 business days. 


  1. Dealer Application
    1. The first two parts are standard company information sections.  Fill the Company Information and Owner & Tax Information sections as fully as possible.  A photocopy of your Sales Tax Exemption will need to be sent with your application.  Accounts that do not fill these sections out or submit their exemption MAY be charged sales tax.
    2. At least one bank reference is REQUIRED.  If only one company bank account is used, it may affect credit terms or credit limit, depending on the returned information. A fax number and/or email address MUST be provided for all references. An authorization form will also be necessary for each bank reference; see Section 2 for more.
    3. Two business trade references are REQUIRED.  Other vendors and/or suppliers are standard, and are acceptable.  Again, a fax number and/or email address MUST be provided for all references.
    4. If you would prefer to fill the application manually, you can find a copy of the Dealer Application InstructionsDealer ApplicationBank Authorization Form, and Dealer Contract on the Downloads page.
  2. Bank Reference Authorization Form
    1. An authorization form will need to be filled out, signed, and submitted for each bank reference.  Most banks are unwilling to release any information on your account without account owner approval.  Providing this form allows for a speedier response, and may cut down the application approval process significantly. 
  3. Dealer Contract
    1. The Dealer Contract provides the guidelines and requirements to not only become a SunRotor® Authorized Dealer, but to also maintain that status.  Please read through each section thoroughly, and once satisfied, sign the last page of the contract. 

Once all parts are complete, you may scan or email the bank reference authorization forms and the last page of the contract to the contacts provided below.  If you would prefer to mail it, please make a copy of these same pages to keep for your records, and mail the originals to the address provided.  We want to thank you again, and hope that we can grow together in this new, exciting business relationship.

Mailing Address ▪ Fax  Email
Solar Power & Pump Company, LLC
301 W. 12th St. 
 Elk City, OK 73644
Fax: 1(866) 439-4139 
▪ Email: contact@sunrotor.com