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Dealer Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized SunRotor® Solar Products Dealer.

This form authorizes SunRotor to validate your credit references.  SunRotor reserves the right to cancel dealership status for (including but not limited to) poor account performance, poor customer service to the end-user, advertising SunRotor® Solar Products with materials not approved by SunRotor or from exhibiting unsafe installation practices. 

Additionally, the SunRotor® Dealer Contract will need to signed and dated, and sent either by fax or e-mail.  The last page is all that is needed if you use this online application form.  You can download a copy of the SunRotor® Dealer Application and Contract by clicking here. A copy of this file will be sent to you after you submit your online form. 

Some banking and/or financial institutions require specific authorization to release your information.  The Bank Reference Authorization Form will also be sent after completing the online application.  Please print and fill this out, sign it, and either mail, email, or fax it to us along with the signed Contract.  If you did not use the online submission, you can find a copy of the Bank Authorization Form by clicking here.

All information provided is subject to confidentiallity laws and will be used only for qualification purposes and only by SunRotor® Solar Products.  SunRotor reserves the right to approve or deny any dealership applications without providing a reason for our decision.

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