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SunRotor PV Panel

SunRotor PV Panel


SunRotor brand photo voltaic solar panels reflect the most dependable, high efficiency PV technology available. The silicon crystal laminate structures are constructed with a safety glass surface which is strong enough to withstand even severe impacts. Our SunRotor solar panels are warrantied to retain their PV capability for decades. These panels are guaranteed to maintain 90% of their rated electrical generation capability for 20 years and 85% for 25 years.

SunRotor stays abreast of all technological developments in the field of PV science. SunRotor offers only the most time tested and proven technologies as part of it's product line. As new technologies begin to excel in their field applications, SunRotor will be at the forefront in offering them to its customers. At this point in time, however, SunRotor recommends silicon crystal technology as the technology of choice for PV power generation.

SunRotor also offers panel mounting racks for various sizes and configurations of PV panels. Sun tracking racks are also available for SunRotor solar panels, however, we discourage the use as solar power users will generally find that it is more efficient to add additional panels rather than installing a tracking rack. The power generation gain from a tracking system can be equaled or exceeded by adding panels at a lower cost with a higher reliability factor.

As with all products in the SunRotor line, SunRotor PV panels offer excellent value as well as superior quality.

If you are uncertain which and how many panels would best optimize your pumping application, please contact us at 1-866-246-7652 or click here to request a quote and let one of our sales representatives prepare a proposal customized to meet your watering needs.

SunRotor Submersible Pump Diagram

  1. PV Panel Array
  2. Solar Module Mounting Rack
  3. Water Pipe
  4. Well Seal Assembly
  5. Low Water Sensor
  6. Submersible Pump
  7. Conduit and Wiring Harness from Controller to Well Seal
  8. Wiring Harness from Controller to Solar Modules
  9. DC Input Controller
  10. Tank Full Tethered Float Switch and Weight
  11. Anti-freeze Bleeder Valve
  12. Check Valve

If you need assistance in sizing a solar power system, you can download our solar power pumping system sizing guide, click here to request a quote, or contact us at 1-866-246-7652 and let one of our sales representatives design a custom system to meet your water pumping needs.