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Flexcharge NC25A Ultra High Effeciency 25 Amp Solar & Wind System Controller

Flexcharge NC25A HE Solar & Wind System Controller


The NC25A is series regulator designed for alternative energy charging systems ranging in size from 0.1A to 25A. It is the ideal regulator for Solar (PV), Permanent Magnet Generators and Alternators (Including outboard motors and smaller wind generators). The NC25A also includes the Charge Divert feature.

Charge Divert allows you to use the excess charging source energy for other tasks, or for placing a load on permanent magnet charging sources such as wind generators to prevent over speed conditions. The Divert connection is only activated after the charging source is making energy and the batteries are not using the energy (i.e. A wind generator will not be starting into the divert load). Divert Resistor This controller can easily and inexpensively be expanded to handle one or more banks of 100A charging sources. (1000A max charging current in this configuration). Multiple battery banks can be charged with the use of a standard battery charging isolators.

• 5 Year Warranty
• Can be used for Lead Acid GEL, AGM, & Flooded Cell Batteries; Also works with wet cell NiCad batteries
• Do not use on Lithium batteries of any type
• Completely sealed electronics for marine or outdoor mounting
• Low Battery Voltage Indicator (flashing red light)
• Arc Reduction Circuitry to eliminate or reduce relay contact wear
• Charding efficiency better than 99.5% from 0.5A to 30A of charging current
• Operates efficiently (99%) with as little as 0.1A of solar panel charging current
• Efficiently charges batteries from 0 volts with full power
• 25 Amp Charge Capacity: Special order expanded models with charging current capabilities up to 2000A when expanded
• 25 Amp Charge Divert Circuitry: Stable divert circuitry prevents erratic relay switching if charge source voltage drops
• Diverts only when voltage & current are at usable levels - perfect for motor type divert loads (fans, pumps, etc.)
• Peak Charge Voltage Adjustment with a range of 13.8V to 15.9V (multiply by 2, 3, or 4 to find voltages for 24V, 36V, and 48V versions, respectively)
• Charges with the same high accuracy through battery isolators
• Consumes less than 5mA (0.005A) while charging and at night - 2mA if you don't use the charge indicator
• Charges batteries at full power, below the plate saturation point; This charges batteries faster and reduces electrolyte depletion by up to 90% over conventional constant voltage, PWM, & high frequency charge regulators
• Batteries start charging at 0.005A of charge current
• Controller can withstand open circuit input spikes of1500V/A, & 140V continuous without damage
• Reverse polarity and transient voltage protection on the battery sense wires.
• No power wasting sample periods
• Remote battery voltage sensing so the controller can be mounted anywhere between the charging source and the batteries and still be accurate
• Easy to install using the labeled corrosion resistant nickel/brass/stainless steel connector
• U/L 94V-O Rated Enclosure & UL Listed or Recognized Components

SunRotor Submersible Pump Diagram

  1. PV Panel Array
  2. Solar Module Mounting Rack
  3. Water Pipe
  4. Well Seal Assembly
  5. Low Water Sensor
  6. Submersible Pump
  7. Conduit and Wiring Harness from Controller to Well Seal
  8. Wiring Harness from Controller to Solar Modules
  9. DC Input Controller
  10. Tank Full Tethered Float Switch and Weight
  11. Anti-freeze Bleeder Valve
  12. Check Valve

If you need assistance in sizing a solar power system, you can download our solar power pumping system sizing guide, click here to request a quote, or contact us at 1-866-246-7652 and let one of our sales representatives design a custom system to meet your water pumping needs.