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SunRotor XR - Spring Branch Water Well

Spring Branch Water Well - SunRotor XR (Two SunRotor XR Systems)

Most of our customers only know about the SunRotor submersible solar pump product line, which, although cost effective and efficient, has a limited range of 425 feet and a max flow of around 26 GPM. Our main demographic uses this pump line primarily for livestock watering, water storage, remote application, and drip irrigation. But more and more, we are being contacted for extended depths and higher flow rates. This is where the SunRotor XR System comes into play.

The SunRotor XR Controller has the capabilities of converting most conventional three-phase AC pump into a solar powered behemoth. It handles standard three-phase voltages of 230, 380, and 460 running at 50 or 60 Hz, ranging from 1 to 50 HP motors. Each controller is configured in-house based on the pump specifications to deliver you with optimal performance. The controller takes the DC input from the solar array and converts it to standard three-phase AC output. For more information, you can see the SunRotor XR Overview at the SunRotor Downloads page, or call us directly to have a system quoted for your specific application. We currently use Shakti AC Pumps (as shown in the Overview), but have built these systems with other, well-known brands. The most widely used application for these systems have been small scale irrigation, third-world municipal water demands for off-grid villages, extreme depths, high flow-rates, large distances, and/or a combination of these applications. The guys at Spring Branch Water Well in Western Texas have been kind enough to share with us their latest SunRotor XR System installation, which are showcased below.

Spring Branch Water Well Services, Inc. are located in Ft. Stockton, TX. They can handle a wide range of water needs, from small scale residential and livestock watering all the way to large commercial and oilfield applications. For a full list of all the products and servies they offer, visit their website or give them a call at 1(432) 336-7867. They've built their great reputation by offering high quality products and installations and superb customer service. We at the SunRotor Solar Products Team are proud to call them one of our Authorized Dealers!

The slideshow above shows just a small portion of all the hard work these guys put into installing this monster water pumping system. Originally, they had a 3 HP pump running off one of our smaller SunRotor XR Controllers. As the demand for an even higher flow rate increased, they contacted us, and we built another custom SunRotor XR system for them. Luckily, the well casing was large enough, and the recovery rate high enough, so they installed this new 7.5 HP system in the same well. This turned an already impressive solar water pumping setup into one of the largest systems we've ever sold. The double SunRotor XR systems now have a combined flow rate of 330 GPM! Currently, the water is being pumped down a small, dry creek bed, but the finished application will be to pipe this water 2.5 miles to a fresh water sales station located off the highway. We're excited for all of the new projects coming from Spring Branch Water Well Services, and hope to showcase them again in the near future. Below is a full listing of the system specifications, as well as the Spring Branch Water Well contact information.

SunRotor XR System #1 (103 GPM at 60' TDH):

  • SunRotor XR PC3700H Controller
  • 3 HP Pump/Motor
  • 16 - 185W/24V PV Panels (Series)
  • 2 - Mounting Racks for 8 x 185W PV Panels on 8" SCH40 Steel Pole

SunRotor XR System #2 (240 GPM at 75' TDH):

  • SunRotor XR PC7500H Controller
  • 7.5 HP Pump/Motor
  • 32 - 290W/24V PV Panels (Series/Parallel)
  • 4 - Mounting Racks for 8 x 290W PV Panels on 8" SCH40 Steel Pole

Spring Branch Water Well Services, Inc. West Texas Division
2905 West 9th
Ft. Stockton, TX 79735
Phone: 1(432) 336-7867
Fax: 1(432) 336-8488