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Spring Branch Water Well - SunRotor XR (10 HP Solar Water Pump)

The guys down at Spring Branch Water Well (Ft. Stockton, TX) have done it again!  If you haven't had a chance to see their last SunRotor XR System installation, we suggest you read that blog piece first to get a better understanding (SunRotor XR - Spring Branch Water Well).  They've gone even larger this time with a single 10 HP system producing 115 GPM at 220 ft. TDH.

Spring Branch Water Well - SunRotor XR (Two SunRotor XR Systems)

Most of our customers only know about the SunRotor submersible solar pump product line, which, although cost effective and efficient, has a limited range of 425 feet and a max flow of around 26 GPM. Our main demographic uses this pump line primarily for livestock watering, water storage, remote application, and drip irrigation. But more and more, we are being contacted for extended depths and higher flow rates. This is where the SunRotor XR System comes into play.